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Beware of the Crafting Bug


I have been bitten by the crafting bug!  I decided to start with something simple so I went with this darling little project of DIY mini journals from http://www.abeautifulmess.com.

Now fellas, before you stop reading, I highly recommend you read on through.  This is a great project to do with your young daughter, sister, niece, or any other special little lady that holds a place in your heart.  But don’t stop here either, who says boys wont have fun making mini journals?  Simply choose color paper and stickers that appeals to boys the most and they can still have a great time and write all cute boy stuff in there like a list of sports they want to play this summer or their favorite pranks to use on their siblings.  I saw some cute comic strip crafting paper at Michaels that would be perfect for a boy’s project.

So I decided to tread lightly and I made this whole lot of mini journals:


I handed these out to my coworkers who claimed they loved them and thought they were cute.   One had shared that she will use it to write her favorite hang out spots and restaurants in Brooklyn.  How cool! I may have to borrow that one day 🙂

Then I became inspired!

I have a coworker who is retiring really soon and I thought it would be cute to create a mini journal for all of her coworkers to write a sweet  note or a fun memory while working at the clinic.  So this is what I made:


The stamps really intimidated me, so I practiced on paper a few times before I went for the plunge.  You can still see I had a little trouble with the letter “p” but I just happened to have a colored pen similar to the ink so the crisis was averted- whew!

Theeennn, I decided to make two mini journals for my pregnant cousin and BFF.  These journals are intended for them to write notes to their little baby while still in their belly.  What ever they are feeling or thinking, they can write it down and read it to them when they are older.  Or if they are having trouble coming up with a name they can use it as a log for names that are in the running and maybe a little description as to why they like that particular name.


Does that quote sound familiar? It is from the band Savage Garden.  I think this song is so beautiful.  My college psychology teacher once shared that she felt this song was written for pregnant women.  To love someone so much before you have even met them!  I can only imagine the love that soars through a pregnant mom for her unborn child.  It’s beautiful!

And lastly, I made a handmade card:


So there you have it.  My first side effects from an aggressive bite that is the Crafting Bug.

I have banned myself from Michaels craft store for a while.  I have enough washi tape to turn my hubby into a colored mummy and my bank account is screaming “Do not pass go, Do not collect $200 dollars (because you just spent it at Michaels in washi tape)!!!”.  I sure do have enough supplies to last me a while so I will be sure to share whatever else I create.

Any other ideas for mini journals?