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I am intuitively listening


If you would ask me to describe myself in a few words, “creative” would be the last word on my list.  However, lately I have been feeling very creative.  I feel like my soul is craving to create something beautiful with my hands.  I have been extremely inspired by so many talented individuals who share their own passion and creativity through social media.

Here is a sneak peak of a few of my favorite bloggers who create beautiful things and just simply inspire me to be a better person:

1.  First and foremost, my beloved friend and fellow registered dietitian Amanda Terillo and her blog veggies n dogs.  Her love of cooking healthy (mainly vegetarian foods), cute doggies and anything related to farming, gardening and local food sources is refreshing and inspiring.  I also love reading about her trips across America and even the world (hello, Australia, my goodness that was a blast!)

2.  Under the Sycamore.   This blog is written by probably THE coolest mom and overall woman out there.  Her heart is bigger than this universe and I love reading anything she has to write whether its DIY projects, her photography expertise and her 5 gorgeous kids.

3.  A Beautiful Mess.  These two power sisters are extremely motivating and inspiring.  Their blog and company is full of DIY projects, delicious food and drink recipes, e-courses, photography tips, beauty tips, etc… it is this website that mostly motivates me to start tapping into my creative side (however much is there) and really try to make something beautiful.

So with all this inspiration and motivation going on daily, I have a few things on my mind that I want to start making.  This is on my wish list lately:

1.  DIY garden.  I have a small patch of lawn on the side of my apartment, all for me, so I will attempt to make a garden bed and grow some herbs and maybe even some lettuce leaves and veggies! I would love if it could look something along the lines this garden bed.  Or even do some DIY container gardens like these.

2.  Nail Art.  No, not finger nails, I mean like hammer and nails.  Like This one and this one.   Nail and string art (thats what I’m calling it) look like a beginners type of project…I’ll definitely give them a go since I have some extra wood lying around at home (random, I know).

skull art

3.  I’m dying to do my own song lyric painting!! This one is my favorite. I LOVE music and have so many favorite song lyrics, but I can count on one hand the amount of times I have held a paint brush so I am quite curious to see how this will come out 🙂

song art lyric

4.  I have asked for a sewing machine for my birthday and I think one of my first “projects” will be making little dresses out of pillow cases for the organization called Little Dresses for Africa.  Read this blog post from Under The Sycamore on how she had a dress making party and invited all her friends over to spend a day on making little dresses.  They are just too cute for words.  Its this blog post that inspired me to get a sewing machine and learn how to sew.

Other projects I want to give a go in the future:

a smaller version of this desk. Hubby has agreed to help! (no he hasn’t.  In fact, he doesn’t even know anything about it :p )

I love this stool!

And once I have mastered the basic skills of sewing, I really want to make this adorable lipstick pouch

I really do not know what has gotten into me lately but like I said before, I am craving to create things with my hands so I am intuitively listening to my mind, body and soul and I welcome it with open arms.
I’m excited to share these projects with you as I complete them.

Wish me luck!

***update:  I bought my first acrylic paints, some brushes and canvas paper this week! I need a lot of practice haha! May need to put the song lyric canvas art on hold for a bit.  Looking forward to the journey 🙂